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I am exploring the last jungle area in the Peruvian Jungle that you come to before you get to the Village. There is a campsite there near a crash site with a lot of crates lying on the ground next to a small lake where part of a plane is submerged under water. When you come near the crates near the water's edge there is a beeping sound coming from somewhere. When I do a  perception check I see a crate just under the surface of the water that is high lighted which I assume where the loud beeping is coming from. How do you access this crate? I have tried everything I can think of to open it.

 Also there are some collectables I see displayed on the map not far from the crash site area that I can see with my perception in a hole underneath a bamboo like cover. I have spent waaaay to much time trying to get to these goods. How do I get down in that dang hole? LoL !!

Sorry if these answers have been posted before.... I did do a search.... Honest I did do one.....

I have the PC game version.


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Hi, @LordFess. Welcome to the forums! I'm not sure about the beeping you heard; I never noticed that, but I can tell you a bit about that area. If you're playing on one of the easier difficulty settings, activating Survival Instinct (Q on the keyboard or Right Stick button on controllers) will highlight most of the objects that can be interacted with. Later you'll unlock skills that make challenge items and major collectibles (documents, relics, etc.) glow in Survival Instinct view, but for now you'll need to look more closely and/or consult a walkthrough to find everything.

There are a few areas you can't reach yet because you're missing certain pieces of gear. These include the goodies hidden under that wooden trapdoor-like opening you mentioned. You can't break through the grate, but later, when you get Lara's climbing axes back, you'll be able to climb down there a different way. There's also a climbable rock ledge on the northeast side of that area. Once you get the axes, you can climb up there as well. The first Challenge Tomb is to the northwest of the campsite, but again, you'll need the climbing axes. So you'll have to return here later once you're fully geared up.

If you haven't already done so, check the current objective by activating Survival Instinct or opening the in-game map. That will give you a hint as to where to go next. First you'll want to retrieve Lara's bow from that wreckage. If you've already done that, you can putter around in this area some more, explore a crypt, and complete the first challenge, but eventually you'll need to cross the ravine to move on to the next area.

If you need more direction, my walkthrough for that level is at https://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR11walk/02-peruvian-jungle.html. If you want less hand-holding and just want to know where all the major collectibles are, that page has an annotated level map linked at the top, with all collectibles revealed and numbered to correspond with the walkthrough text. There are also lots of 100% walkthrough videos on YouTube. And of course, we're happy to answer questions and offer advice here.

Good luck!

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From memory there is a crate that is under the water that gets highlighted with Eagle Vision but there's no way of interacting with it that I found either.  I think it's an oversight.  I have not noticed a beeping sound there, I'll try and remember to have a look and listen later on.

As a general piece of advice in the game, there's a high chance that if you've spent an hour trying to figure out something and you've not got anywhere then it's not something you can do at that point.  You're highly unlikely to permanently miss anything, there's basically nothing you can only get to once, although with the DLC I'm not so sure, from memory some documents are in the tomb-y bits of the levels and there doesn't appear to be a way back into them from within a given save game but I don't know, I managed to get all of them on the first go (or the game gives them to Lara regardless).

Happy hunting!

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