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The Santa tracker is online now and tracking Santa in real time.

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The tracker is online now and tracking Santa in real time.


Santa went to New Zealand first.


If the Google Santa tracker doesn't work for you, use the NORAD one.


NORAD been tracking Santa for 60+ years because of a fluke in a Sears advertisement:


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I was at the supermarket and told the cashier Happy Holidays when she handed me my change.

A lady standing in the line rudely corrected me:

it's Happy Holiday, not Holidays!!

What the hell?

I have always said Holidays, not Holiday, for as long as I can remember.

The Hallmark cards all say Happy Holidays.

I used to say Merry Christmas to everyone but some folks find that offensive so I started saying Happy Holidays to strangers and I only said Merry Christmas to people I already know.

One of my friends like to says Merry Douglas Fir tree day just to be sarcastic when he comes across folks who are offended by Merry Christmas.

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