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19 hours to ISS. How far is the ISS? SpaceX seem to do everything tsimpler and smoother than NASA. Look at the control room. A few rows of tables, a few tech at each table, and that's it. Not crowded and full of consoles like a NASA control room.

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The name of the drone ship that the first stage separation reusable rocket booster lands on after separating in space from the SpaceX rocket is Of Course I Still Love You. There is another drone ship named Just Read The Instructions.

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If you miss the docking, it starts at about 40 minutes. Then to see the astronauts going on the iSS, it starts at about 3 hr 50 min. After they docked, they sat in the capsule for over 3 hours while ISS check things and connect things. Not like the movies, you dock, you open the door, you step out and come and go freely like it's Starbucks. 


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I went to the NASA live feed yesterday for the first time in a week and they are still up there.

They are going to stay up there for maybe as long as 3-4 months.

I assumed they were flying up there to see if the SpaceX spacecraft will fly properly and dock with the ISS and then come back after a few days.

But it's safer up there right now than being on Earth.

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I am happy they return to Earth safely but...

1. SpaceX and NASA don't have a better feed than this LO-RES?


2. I thought SpaceX Dragon was reusable and I expected the landing was back on the drone ship like this


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