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Trouble using Howlers Troop on PS4

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I've unlocked Howlers Troop I and II, but am having difficulty getting it to work in the game.  I can sight the first target, but I can't get the diamond/lock.  This means that when I move the right analog stick, I just change targets instead of having one locked, and moving on to the second.  I'm using a PS4.  Can anyone help advise me please?  How do these controls work?

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PS4 Controls
Every control option on the PS4 version of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Left Stick – Movement
L3 – Sprint / Change Camera Angle
Right Stick – Aim Down Sights / Look Around
R3 – Toggle survival Instinct
Touchpad – Show Map
Circle – Dodge or jump to the side / Drop down / Dive
Square – Interaction / Use climbing axe
Triangle – Melee attack / Takedown
X – Jump / Climb / Swim to the surface (hold)
L1 – Crafting herb mixtures
L2 – Aim / Sprint
R1- Fire using special ammo / Craft special arrows
R2 – Fire selected weapon / Throw
D-Pad Buttons – Weapon Selection
Options Button – Pause
Updated: 14.9.2018 from yekbot


Aim with L2, zoom with R3 and hold R2 to aim at the targets you wish to fire at. A red dot will appear over their heads.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the detailed response.  I've tried your suggested method.  I draw the bow with L2, aim with the right analog stick, zoom in with R3, and hold R2 to draw the bow.  When I do that, I get the red decreasing bulls-eye indicating the bow has been drawn to full strength.  But I never get the red dot/diamond.  When I use the right analog stick to select my second target, the first one doesn't stay locked.  The red bulls-eye dot just moves to the second target.  This means I can only target one person at a time.  What am I doing wrong?  Any further suggestions.

Again - I appreciate the help!

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