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Tomb Raider II save file location on MacOS Monterey (Aspyr Media)


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I used to use MacOS Mojave, and used the Aspyr Media version "Tomb Raider II" on the App Store. This game no longer works in later versions of Mac, so I dual boot Mojave and run it there.

The problem is, how can I transfer my save files? They are located somewhere on my (now Monterey) hard drive, but I can't see them. The game is also there, but can't run. If I could find them, I could transfer them into the corresponding folder in Mojave on the other boot. And play from where I left off (Barkhang Monastery, about half way through the level).

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Thank you for that guide. I found the "Library" folder in "Users" (which was hidden), and then went to Containers. I know the game is installed, but there is no com.aspyr folder. Lots of com.apple though. Is it perhaps hidden? Should I only look for the folder on a Mac with a version installed that can open the game?

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