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Almost giving up with the centaurs!

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I have recently just got back into playing TR after many years and picked up my Anniversary game. I am a 60 year old female who loves this game and my husband installed my Xbox in my bedroom, so I could play happily without disturbing his tv.    All was going so well and I was so enjoying getting back into the game, then came the centaurs!  

I have read, everything, tried everything but cannot defeat them.  My problem is this.

After the Adrenaline Dodge, the centaur doesn’t slump, I get the red target on the head, fire and he just tramples over me or ends up behind me.

I tried the cheat of hiding in the cave.  When I came back out the one centaur was no longer throwing firebombs and the shield of the dead centaur was on the floor but I couldn’t pick it up.  I then had the AD issues as described above.

What am I doing wrong?  Am I shooting too late? Too early? Dodging too late? To early?  

I try everyday until I either die or use up all my medí packs.  Making me feel like giving up after waiting so long to play again.

playing on Xbox 360

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Thanks, tried this but it did not work on the Xbox 

I finally did it yesterday, I let out a cheer, which my daughter thought was amusing. It had taken me over a week!

I hid in the cave again until one was dead then came back to fight the last one, easier with one and no fireballs!  Could not pick up the dropped shield though.

I finally worked out that I needed the target lock on when I fired at the red target in the Adrenaline dodge.  Got the shield  and with a few attempts managed to smash him, when petrified, with a rifle.

Now in Egypt, a few frustrating parts but so far so good.

thanks for your reply.

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