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Argggggh! Where to go and what to do????


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I don't know how active people are on this forum but figured I'd give it a shot! Older/inexperienced gamer who recently got a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox. Enjoying the game quite a bit and am becoming more proficient with the controls. However, I find my self at a bit of an empass and am not sure how to proceed...

Completed Mountain Peak; Siberian Wilderness is at 94% complete but I can't get inside the cave in the lower left for the relic, etc. Glacier Cavern is 75% complete; currently in Soviet Installation at 25% complete. (See attached pics).





I've been fast travelling back and forth to different areas when new maps pop up from finding various things, trying to find all the coin caches, etc. My problem is that I'm up against a bunch of either barricades (where strong boxes are located) or areas that require rope arrows and/or explosives. I'm at a loss as to how to proceed, other than just wandering aimlessly about hoping to stumble across something. Could it possibly be because my inventory and Skill points appear to be a bit on the low side? At this point, I've upgraded my bow several times, have poison arrows and several bow improvements, and have both a revolver and an automatic handgun.

I haven't received the "destroy the computers" challenge yet, but did destroy all the repeater stations, etc. 

Yeah, I could go through an watch various tutorials and walk-throughs, or, God forbid, start a new game and then follow along but with the time I already have invested in getting this far, that's a tough pill to swallow.

Any suggestions on how to move forward would be GREATLY appreciated!


Bend, Oregon USA



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Welcome to LCO and Rise of the TR, Bendmak! Sorry for the delay getting back to you. This game incorporates quite a bit of gear gating, meaning you won't be able to access certain areas, collectibles, etc., until you unlock specific pieces of gear, such as rope arrows, explosives, etc. Most levels are not intended to be 100% complete on the first pass but will require you to go back and clean up once you have all of the necessary equipment.

If you've done everything you think you can do in a specific area but still don't have 100%, it's probably fine to follow the story and plan to return later.

Activating Survivial Instinct and/or following the Story Objective beacon on your map should take you where you need to go to advance the plot. If you can't figure out where to go specifically, you might try referencing the current objective from the in-game map (e.g., "Use the communication cables to zip line into the prison grounds") with my walkthrough. The blue subheadings in my text should mach each of the in-game objectives. That particular section is here:


As for locating specific documents, relics, etc., you could also reference my Quick Collectibles guides for each level. They'll tell you whether you need special equipment to reach them, whether they're accessible right away or not until later, etc. There are a few minor spoilers but nothing major in terms of plot points. Quick guides are here:


You didn't ask, but I'm a busybody 😁, so I also recommend changing save slots every now and then, in case you run into a bug or get into a difficult fight and wish you had more ammo or better gear. Then you can reload the earlier save and gear up before jumping into the harder section. This page includes info on that, as well as a lot of other general tips:


If you have any other questions, can't figure out how a particular control or feature works, etc., feel free to ask here or contact me directly. I love this game and I'm happy to help other people enjoy it more.

Happy holidays! Stella

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