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The high lever at the start of level can be reached from the balcony above the truck at the start of the level. But, you can only reach that balcony once you've gone though the laser room. The camera angle makes it impossible for you to see the entrance to the balcony, but it is there near the stairs the lead down. There's also another jump switch around that area that will open an area containing Uzi ammo.

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Yeah,the walkthroght is really -_- confusing.So,think that we should wait for BP.I'm stuck again :( and I cant find where I am in the walkthroght.So,little patients wont hurt any one :D

From what I read, I'm ahead of you! lol How about some details of what you just did before posting? Maybe I can find the right bit of the walkthrough for you!


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For those getting stuck with that first jump switch you see at the beginning of the level.. This jump switch raises a block nearby to allow u access to the 2nd floor hallway again, as u will have to come back here later, and it's to save u having to reuse the monkey swing thro the laser room..


To use the jump switch, go thro the 2nd floor laser room..


and run to the end of the hallway.. The camera angle will change as u run thro.. and near the end of the hallway, u can take a right turn into a new passage..


This brings u out to a balcony, and from there u can jump to the wall and use the jump switch...

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Oh,I've passed that.I have put the yellow key where it belongs and I've activeted a underwater lever that activets a timed block.What next?

P.S.Hope you understand wwhere am I in the level :)

Yes, I know where you are. Managed to do that timed run too?

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Well, to start, you can shoot those vases on the other side of the balcony... and then, the next room, full of lasers, you need to reach the other side and go into a room with some things to do... Investigate and you'll see what you need to do. :)


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Just jump and crawl when needed to reach a big room with blue lasers on the floor. That first set of lasers, vertical ones (going up and down) - there's nothing to do there. :)


Here's the part of the walkthrough you need:

Cross the balcony and enter the next room. In here you'll find what looks like a desert eagle on a pedestal, well guarded by red lasers meaning you can't get it this time around. Go around the lasers and here you'll find another type of lasers: yellow ones. Touching them isn't going to trigger anything like the blue ones and they don't kill Lara instantly like the red ones. However, if Lara stays in their path they can and will eat a lot of her health so be careful and stay as much away from them as you can. First of all do a standing jump over the red lasers on the floor. The easiest way of getting past the first set of yellow lasers is to stand about a step or two away facing the left. As the lasers start moving downwards sideflip right and she should clear them without taking damage. For the next set stand as close as possible and as it goes up run past it.

Walk around the corner, being careful with the red lasers, and you'll find more yellow ones. The first you can crawl under without taking damage. The second one is a lot harder, because it goes all the way to the floor and there's no room for Lara to roll or sideflip over it. I did find a way of getting through it without losing health though, but here you'll need to be very accurate. Go as close to the lasers as you can without Lara losing health. Take three steps backwards and as the lasers hit the bottom sprint forwards and she should get through them without any damage.

In the next room start with going left and pick up the uzi clips in the dark recess between the crates. Go back towards the entrance and climb the crate opposite. Climb the next crate as well and drop down into the room below. Pick up the M16 ammo (type A) and then climb right over the stack of crates. On the other side of the room you can pull up into another opening. You're blocked from going any further due to the red lasers, but crouch and shoot the white urn to open the door you saw when climbing over the crates to reach this room. It also lets out a guard and when it comes to killing him you have two options:

The safe way- return to where you first came in, pull up onto the crate and wait for the guard to make his appearance. Before he gets to shoot drop backwards, grabbing the edge, and drop into the room below. Quickly climb the crate on your right, draw guns and jump up and down in front of the opening. If you're lucky Lara should still get a few shots at him before he leaves the room. Repeat this procedure until he's down. This will most likely take a bit of time so if you're in a hurry and don't care about how much health you waste you can follow:

The fast way- simply climb out of the room and kill him, trying to dodge his firing as much as possible. This will be faster, but Lara will lose more health. When he's dead you can climb over the crates again and enter the room on the left. Here you're met with the sigh of blue lasers spanning across the middle section of the floor and two sets of yellow lasers moving up and down along the same floor section. On the far side there's a door which we'll deal with in a moment, but first we're going for a secret. Walk up to the first set of yellow lasers (ignore the blue lasers for now, they won't trigger anything yet), turn Lara so that she stands with the yellow lasers on her right side and stand two steps away from the lasers. As they start moving down do a sideflip right to clear them. High up on the wall straight ahead you'll see a grate covering a crawlspace. Jump and shoot it out, then climb up (you might have to stand about one step away from the wall and standjump/grab in order to do this) and crawl through. Drop down into the next room and pick up Secret 4: a small medipack and the uzis. Climb back out to the laser room and go back towards the entrance the way you came.

Right of the entrance you'll find a gate with a padlock. Shoot the padlock to break it and gain access to the switch on the other side of the gate. When you pull this switch the door I mentioned earlier on the far side of the room opens. You'll now have to make your way past the blue and yellow lasers to get there, but there is a slight problem. If Lara touches the blue triggers the door will close so that she'll need to go back, pull the switch and try again.

I found a relatively easy way of getting past the first set of yellow lasers without touching the blue ones. Stand about three steps away from the blue lasers at the beginning and do a standing jump to land right in front of the yellow ones. Now stand as close to the yellow lasers as you can, crouch and as the lasers move upwards crawl two steps forwards and immediately stand. If you've done it correctly the door at the far end should still be open and Lara has not lost any health, but now comes the difficult part.

As the lasers move down do a forward jump to clear them (remember to check that the door is still open). The blue lasers at the end cover a larger section of the floor than the first ones so the only way I found out of this without the door closing was to stand as close to the previous set of blue lasers as possible without touching them, then do an angled running jump through the yellow lasers (causing Lara some health loss). Hopefully this should work and she'll land on the floor in front of the door while it's still open.

Good luck! :)


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