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  2. If you miss the docking, it starts at about 40 minutes. Then to see the astronauts going on the iSS, it starts at about 3 hr 50 min. After they docked, they sat in the capsule for over 3 hours while ISS check things and connect things. Not like the movies, you dock, you open the door, you step out and come and go freely like it's Starbucks.
  3. Watch them live docking with the ISS at about 9:15 am today Docking is AI controlled but you can try it: https://iss-sim.spacex.com/
  4. For anyone who miss the live launch You can download the YouTube video by entering the YouTube link here: https://www.y2mate.com/en19
  5. Yeah and the next one will be called "That's what she said" 😁
  6. The name of the drone ship that the first stage separation reusable rocket booster lands on after separating in space from the SpaceX rocket is Of Course I Still Love You. There is another drone ship named Just Read The Instructions.
  7. lol like our roads and bridges
  8. 19 hours to ISS. How far is the ISS? SpaceX seem to do everything tsimpler and smoother than NASA. Look at the control room. A few rows of tables, a few tech at each table, and that's it. Not crowded and full of consoles like a NASA control room.
  9. More of my sister's friend's lazy fat cat
  10. Weather still questionable today https://www.accuweather.com/en/us/cape-canaveral/32920/hourly-weather-forecast/2230906
  11. 55 minutes to go (same YouTube above)
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  13. One of my sis' friend lazy fat cat. It only moves to go to the litter box and the food bowl or to find a spot to lounge about and be lazy.
  14. No need for a space force if you don't go into space.
  15. https://www.spacex.com/launches/ This is exciting! Humans will be launched into space for the first time on a SpaceX rocket using a SpaceX capsule. The launch was today but it was scrubbed due to weather and rescheduled for Saturday at about 3 pm Eastern time. Watch the live feed and launch live below
  16. On the other hand, maybe Lara survived some encounters with Himiko with help from the current vessel? For example, when the wind carried away a huge samurai, but Lara remained. Or just deus ex machina?
  17. Lara never got hit with bird poop or stepped in dung by accident. That would be funny lol.
  18. A friend of my sister rescued this poor little guy from the apartment trash dumpster when she took out the trash. She is nursing him back to health. She hadn't decided if she will keep it or give him up for adoption to a good home through one of those no kill cats adoption agencies shelters. Why would anyone throw a defenseless kitten into the trash dumpster? Whoever threw it into the trash dumpster can burn in hell forever and for eternity or both.
  19. Guested Account


    and in Russia....
  20. Answers to the remaining Unsolved Images: 2. CLUE: Who is the Cat? ANSWER: Shaft (2000) 4. CLUE: Drug cartel movie ANSWER: Sicario 7. CLUE: Girls bonding ANSWER: Little Women (2019) 8. CLUE: Wrongly accused ANSWER: Richard Jewell 14. CLUE: Grandparents... ANSWER: The Visit 18. CLUE: Can't sleep with the noisy Navy ANSWER: Pearl Harbor 23. CLUE: From the horror master ANSWER: The Dead Zone (1983) (Stephen King) 29. CLUE: I just recently watch this ANSWER: Vivarium https://www.laracroftonline.net/index.php?/topic/3935-everything-about-movies-and-dvds/&do=findComment&comment=56279 35. CLUE: He is a Master Thief ANSWER: The Thomas Crown Affair (1999 remake) 37. CLUE: Magic bullet ANSWER: JFK 39. CLUE: Haunted house mansion ' ANSWER: Crimson Peak 44. CLUE: Life as reported by him and his mother ANSWER: The World According To Garp 51. CLUE: 7th Pugilist films ANSWER: Creed (7th entry in the Rocky films franchise) 54. CLUE: Basketball buddy movie ANSWER: White Men Can't Dance 58. CLUE: Giant monster ANSWER: Godzilla 1998 59. CLUE: Sequel to the Horror Master movie ANSWER: Doctor Sleep (Stephen King's The Shining sequel) 65. CLUE: MCU !! ANSWER: Ant-Man (MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe) 66. CLUE: Best picture war movie ANSWER: Platoon (Best Picture 1986) 83. CLUE: Classic 70's buddy comedy murder on a train ANSWER: Silver Streak 87. CLUE: Street race movie franchise entry #9 ANSWER: Hobbs & Shaw (9th entry in Fast & Furious franchise) 94. CLUE: CIA and KGB agents buddy TV series movie ANSWER: The Man From U.N.C.L.E. 97. CLUE: Christmas at that misadventure prone family ANSWER: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation 99. CLUE: Mid 2000's Best Picture crime drama ANSWER: The Departed (2006 Best Picture) 101. CLUE: Never fall in love with your client ANSWER: The Bodyguard 102. CLUE: The Kid and his music cult film ANSWER: Purple Rain 103. CLUE: Never go into a cave ANSWER: The Descent 109. CLUE: First major film for this Oscar winning actress ANSWER: Three Days In The Valley (starred future Best Actress Oscar winner Charlize Theron) 114. CLUE: He won Best Actor as a Frontierman vs. the Wild ANSWER: The Revenant (Best Actor Oscar for Leonardo DiCaprio) 120. CLUE: 1980's Western revenge film ANSWER: Young Guns 122. CLUE: Asimov's short-story ANSWER: I, Robot 126. CLUE: Orphans and their relative ANSWER: Lemony Snicket's a Series of Unfortunate Events Thank you for playing.
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  22. Tomb Raider Animal Crossing QR Codes and Outfits By Crystal Dynamics For Nintendo Switch New Horizon Decorate your island with art featuring iconography, artifacts, and lady Lara herself! Link to QR Codes Link to Animal Crossing New Horizons Link to sample images creations
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