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repeat topic, apologies, but . . .

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Sorry, this is a repeat question and is more or less a repeat of the two most-recent posts.  Question remains - anyone have any idea about the mysterious missing "additional tomb" that is "coming soon"?  I just read an article at kotaku.com that mentioned this missing thing.  The developers are silent, although that is sadly normal for game developers even in the face of "this game is totally broken" complaints from those who provide their income.  As mentioned, I felt the very last dialogue in "Mother Protector" left something hanging, a conversation that isn't finished, but I have to admit I don't know how it fits with the story as a whole.  Maybe it segues nicely into the next thing Lara says to whoever-it-might-be back in the main game.

Elsewhere in internetland there's evidence of a "definitive edition" already, which does kind-of imply they've finished, and there was a mention that the "sound team" had "jumped ship" already in some reddit/discord/whatever thread.  Maybe if there is a definitive edition they'll release something along with it but . . . well, likely wishful thinking.  Took them years to fix the deer-spawn bug in "Rise of the Tomb Raider" even though there was a high chance of never being able to complete "Baba Yaga" and not even sure that it is fixed but I did get that impression last time I looked.  Half-finished games with things that cannot be done due to their being incomplete ("Thief", which I really rather liked otherwise) still get released.

I bought the digital Croft edition so do not know whether "Mother Protector" was the season-pass-only DLC, there was going to be one.

Anyway, anyone know anything vaguely definitive?  Please post!  Otherwise I suppose it really is an oversight.

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I've heard rumors of a Definitive Edition coming sometime (maybe) soon, so perhaps that empty slot will be filled with something--Croft Manor?...IDK--when that version is released. I'm not in the official fansite program anymore, so I have no inside track, but I've seen lots of speculation.

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